The Nominees for the Hollywood Humanitarian Heroes Tributes are selected by the members of the Advisory and Selection Committees. Selected HONOREES will be recognized in some of the following categories: Conflict resolution, environment and disasters, community and human rights activism, education, health, journalism, literacy, philanthropy and poverty. For Long List of Suggested Nominees

Some of the Suggested Nominees for the Hollywood Humanitarian Heroes Tributes

Cristiano Ronaldo Save-the-Children-UNICEF 600x300

HHC Nominee

Cristiano Ronaldo

CRISTIANO RONALDO's humanitarian support includes UNICEF, Save the Children, and World Vision. He has donated millions to a number of charitable causes and natural disaster relief funds. He is a Portuguese footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid. Visit CRISTIANO RONALDO website


Africa Outreach Prolect Charlize Theron 600x300

HHC Nominee

Charlize Theron

The Africa Outreach Project. We envision a future where ALL youth are empowered to live healthy, productive, HIV-free lives. We connect community based, African organizations to funding, capacity building, and broader resources. This allows these organizations to reach more young people with innovative programs and tools to help keep themselves and their peers safe from the disease.


HHC Nominee


'Dream Big, Work Hard.’ The Justin J Watts Foundation is  looking to reach out to middle schools in Wisconsin and Texas, as well as deserving schools in any other state that have insufficient funding for after-school athletic programs, or that have no after-school athletics whatsoever. Also, Texans star J.J. Watts Houston Flood Relief Fund brought in more than $37 million to help those affected when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last year.

Women's Nobel Initiative 600X300

HHC Nominee

Nobel Women's Initiative

The Nobel Women's Initiative was created in 2006 by six female winners of the Nobel peace prize to support women's groups around the world in campaigning for justice, peace and equality. The six founders are Shirin EbadiWangari MaathaiRigoberta MenchúJody WilliamsMairead Maguire, and Betty Williams.


HHC Nominee

The Enough Project

The Enough Project, an initiative to end genocide and crimes against humanity was founded by John Prendergast, a human rights activist. He is also the Co-Founder with George Clooney of The Sentry, a new investigative initiative chasing the assets of war criminals and their international facilitators. The Enough Project supports peace and an end to mass atrocities in Africa’s deadliest conflict zones.


HHC Nominee


Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon. We are here to bring safe water and sanitation to the world through access to small, affordable loans. There is both a need and demand for these loans, because when people have access to safe water, they get time back to go to school, earn an income and take care of their families. It changes their world.

For more than 25 years, with your help, we've been providing families with hope, health and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

Photo by Proveen Sundoram


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