The Hollywood Humanitarian Heroes Tributes [HHHT] are bestowed by the Hollywood Humanitarian Council [HHC] and are comprised of the following categories: conflict resolution, environment and disasters, community and human rights activism, education, health, journalism, literacy, philanthropy and poverty. For Long List of Suggested Nominees

Our Advisory and Selection Committees are chaired by Carlos de Abreu and Dr. José Ramos-Horta and their members include esteemed figures in international and domestic politics, business, entertainment, medicine, the media, the arts, and education.


Carlos de Abreu, Internet pioneer, Hollywood Film Awards® founder, live events producer, and “The New York Times” bestselling author.

 Are the HHC and HHHTs grantmakers and or fundraisers?

No. This project was created to highlight and recognize people for their humanitarian achievements, as well as celebrity activism, NOT to raise funds or provide grants.

Do the HHC/HHHTS Accept Donations/Sponsorships?

Yes. If interested in donating or sponsoring the Hollywood Humanitarian Council and/or the Hollywood Humanitarian Tributes, please email us at

What’s your selection criteria?

It is based on the social impact that an individual or organization makes on the lives of others.

How to nominate someone?

Our nomination process is open to suggestions from the public at large. Send us your suggestion(s) to Both Nominees and Honorees are selected by the members of our Advisory and Selection Committees.

What is the selection process?

Selected nominees are evaluated based on their work's impact on the lives of others. Our Advisory and Selection Committees identify and select the Nominees and Honorees of our Tributes.

Is the Hollywood Humanitarian Council a nonprofit organization?

Yes, the Hollywood Humanitarian Council is a nonprofit organization EIN 83-0571331

Charlize Theron: Africa Outreach Project


Let us know which are your favorite humanitarian heroes and what their causes are all about.

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